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What is Advocacy?

The act of Pleading for, Supporting or Recommending

Advocating is knowing what you believe in, knowing what is right and fighting for that.  It is not taking over medical treatment but finding the best and most comfortable path and making sure all are clear on the purpose and the intended result.

Know your rights, Know what you want and Don't back down!

You are your own best advocate!
























Organizing your Records

Medical binder -

CHOP has a great resource so there is no reason to re-create it.  The best advice is everyone has a different way of organizing information. The only important thing is to make it easy for you to find again. 

Find CHOP's Care Binder Here

Sample Surgery Protocol Let





Sample Emergency Protocol Letter


Medicines to Avoid 

*Consult your doctor, this is just what we use.






Life is Radd

Joyful Journey Mom

School Actions

Mito Action: Children with Mito can Attend School -

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