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CA Mito Bill

In 2017 we had several willing to co-sponsor the bill but nobody to lead it.  We need help to get this going again.

What we want?

Insurance Companies to cover the cost of the Mito Cocktail.

We are petitioning the State of California to require health insurance companies to cover the cost of the Mito Cocktail.  This provision makes financial sense, because by employing these readily available daily therapies, expensive treatments down the road may be minimized or avoided.  But it also makes moral sense.  These debilitating diseases affect life at its most basic level.  There is simply no justification for denying relief to those afflicted.

Why we want it?

1 in 4,000 Californians are currently living with a Mitochondrial Disease, a disease that impairs energy production by the cell's powerhouse, the Mitochondria. Our 2-year-old daughter Daphne is one of the afflicted. She was diagnosed with Leukoencephalopathy with Thalamus and Brainstem Involvement with High Lactate (LTBL) shortly after her first birthday. She's sweet, spicy and stubborn, and deals with her disease every day. 

There are many variants of Mitochondrial Disease, which present with a wide range of symptoms and severity, but they all have one thing in common: there is currently no cure.

There are, however, drug therapies which can greatly improve quality of life. A Mito Cocktail of vitamins and supplements can make a world of difference to Mito patients, turning bad days to good by maximizing the function of the Mitochondria.

Health Insurance companies are not required to cover these therapies in California. The drugs are relatively inexpensive and readily available, so there is no financial incentive for pharamaceutical companies to produce the drugs, study their effects, or compel insurance companies to pay for them.  The burden is shifted to the Mito patients and their families, at a cost of approximately $500-$1,000 per month. Earlier this year, Kentucky led the way and began requiring insurance companies to cover these treatments.

If you are interested in helping further to get this bill sponsored and passed contact us.

Find your representative HERE

1. CALL the Office

  • ask for the email addresses of the Healthcare Aide and or Legislative Director.

2. Ask to speak to the above folks

  • tell your story and make it personal (add us to the call if you want), use the email for talking points, mention the petition and those willing to Co-Author

3. Follow-up with an email

  • attach the above documents, copy us if you like

​4. Ask for a Face to Face meeting (invite us)

Kentucky is the only state that covers the Mito cocktail.  You can find their financial impact and the bill language here:

Stay Update on all State and Federal Legislation here:

We are on a mission to get the Mito Cocktail covered in California, just like Kentucky did in Jan 2017.  Please support our mission by signing this Petition and Sharing it. 

Visit the CA Mito Bill Page for more details.

Sign the Petition Here

Thank you!

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